Perak Agrotourism Resort

Perak Agrotourism Resort (PATRO) is located at Sungai Galah in Tanjung Tualang. It is owned and managed by the Perak State Agriculture Development Corporation (PPPNP). The resort offers the combination of agricultural and tourism elements for the visitors. They will be able enjoy a very relaxing environment while admiring the zen-like beauty of the surrounding that includes scenic lakes and vast stretches of agricultural farms and plantation.

This resort offers attractions revolving around the eco-adventure and agrotourism activities. It has a chili fertigation farm, a duck egg farm, a herbs garden, a mango farm and a honey bee. The visitors will get the opportunity to get a taste of the kampung life. Activities such as collecting duck eggs to make salted duck eggs, plucking the fresh chilies right from the trees or visiting the sting-less bee farm and sipping the fresh honey straight from the beehive using a straw are not to be missed.

The resort offers a variety of activities for everyone irrespective of age. For children, it has a deer farm and petting zoo that houses cute critters such as rabbits, quails, birds and peahens for them to enjoy and have an educational experience. For those who enjoy outdoor activities, The resort also offers activity such as riding the ATV, biking, kayaking, paddle boating, paintball, archery, pony ride, horse riding, war game as well as fishing to keep you busy from dawn to dusk.

The resort has a cafe called Lakeview Café. What’s interesting about this cafe is that the visitors can personally ask the chef to prepare and cook the fish or freshwater prawns that were caught or the crops that were harvested by the visitors. Other facilities include the car park, rest huts and a prayer hall.

Image: Perbadanan Pembangunan Pertanian Negeri Perak 

Operating Hours

Daily:  7.30 a.m – 11.00 a.m & 2.00 p.m to 6.00 p.m


Farm Tour

Children: RM 8.00
Adult: RM 15.00
Elderly: RM 8.00


Perak Agrotourism Resort, A15, 31800, Tanjung Tualang, PK Malaysia.

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Hear From Others

For city slickers, this is probably an amazing opportunity to get a little feel of the rural kampung life…

Miera Nadhirah

If a weekend in a secluded spot without organised activities sounds too simple, you might want to check out Perak Agrotourism Resort (PATRO). We visited recently and had a wonderful combination of a relaxing countryside break and an active holiday with kids.


I’d love to go back to PATRO and stay a little bit longer. I found peace and serenity in the resort. It’s really a great place to relax and unwind.



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