Royal Belum State Park

Royal Belum State Park or known as the Crowning Glory of the Peninsula is the largest state park in Peninsular Malaysia. The forest is believed to have existed since 130 million years ago, making it one of oldest rain forests in the world. In the heart of the forest lies the Temenggor Lake.The Royal Belum State Park is only accessible by boat via the public jetty at Banding Island which is situated at the southern part of the State Park.

he area has been identified as an Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA) Rank 1 under the Malaysian National Physical Plan and recognized by Birdlife International as an Important Bird Area. The Malaysian federal government has labelled the area as a whole as an essential water catchment area and part of Central Forest Spine and plans to protect the forest under the Malaysian National Forestry Act. It was gazetted as a state park on 2007 to facilitate biodiversity education, research and ecotourism. A permit and guide are needed to explore the forest.

The state park is a home to a wide variety of flora and fauna including 101 mammal species which 14 of them are the world’s most threatened mammals. It is also a home to over 316 avian species and 3,500 species of flowering plants, including 4 species of Rafflesia namely Cantley, Kerri, Azlanii and Sumeiae. The number of reptile, amphibian and freshwater fish fauna are equally impressive too. The numbers are unprecedented in the world, making it an area of global conservation importance.

The only human inhabitants within the state park are the indigenous Orang Asli, mostly of the Jahai group.There are also other communities living close to the park, which includes the Orang Asli settlement at Pos Chiong along Sungai Sara and other Orang Asli villages in Temengor as well as Malay villages in the area.

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Operating Hours

There is no specific operating hour for the park. However, entrance only allowed after the visitors are granted the entrance pass.


The pass costs RM 10.00 each.



M9GX+5Q Fort Tapong, Perak, Malaysia

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Hear From Others

There are a host of activities you can do in the Royal Belum State Park, like hiking in the forest reserve of Belum Temenggort, take a dip in waterfalls, visit aboriginal villages, spot wild animals and more!


The Royal Belum’s pristine rain forest is of world class that would interest even the most scrupulous environmentalist. The state park had me at hello. One glance is all it takes for me to fall in love with this unworldly place.


This is nature untouched, a perfectly preserved snapshot of a prehistoric age. I spent a glorious weekend here at the Royal Belum State Park, a forest reserve nestled in the upper part of the rainforest complex.

Yi-Di Ng

Nearby Attractions

 Temenggor Lake

Temenggor Lake is a lake in Hulu Perak District, Perak, Malaysia. It is the second largest lake in Peninsula Malaysia. This lake is a man-made lake. It was created after the construction of Temenggor Dam to generate electric power. The lake is located at the heart of the Belum Forest.

Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve

The Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve is Peninsular Malaysia’s largest mangrove forest. It was designated as a Permanent Forest Reserve in 1906. It consists of the Bakau Minyak and Bakau Kurap species.

Banding Island

Banding Island is a 243-hectare man made island encircled by the Temengor Lake. It is in fact a 130 million year old rain forest before it was turned into an island when its lower area was surrounded by a man-made lake created in the late 1960.

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