Lubuk Timah Recreation Center

Lubuk Timah Recreation Center is located 6 kilometers from Simpang Pulai at the east side of Ipoh. It has two main attractions which are the hot springs and the waterfall.

The hot springs actually are the re-built hot water pools which are located on the edge of the river. There is one large pool and four other small pools surrounding it.The water pools contain minerals originating from the inside the earth. These minerals have properties that are good for the skin.

The Lubuk Timah waterfall on the other hand was originally a dam built during the British colonization. It was a mini hydro dam to generate electricity for the nearby tin mines. When mining activities slowed down, the site was abandoned.

Apart from soaking in the hot spring and playing at the waterfall, the area is also perfect for picnicking and barbecuing. For those who wish to stay overnight, there are seven chalets featuring the traditional Malay architecture for them to choose. The cool night air filled with chirping crickets and cicadas plus the sounds from the flowing Sungai Chinju will relax the mind and ensure a good night’s sleep. There are also facilities such as cafes,prayers room, washrooms, gazebos, a futsal field, a multipurpose hall, container-style dormitories and a karaoke room are available to accommodate the visitors. Additionally, there are also jungle trekking and horse riding activities to keep nature lovers busy.

Image by: Pusat Rekreasi Lubuk Timah FB

Operating Hours

Daily: 8.00 a.m – 6.30 p.m


Entrance Fee:
Adult:  RM 5.00
Children: RM 3.00
Senior Citizen: RM 3.00

Rental rest hut:
Gazebo: RM 50.00
Exclusive Gazebo: RM 70.00
Cottage: RM10


Lubuk Timah Recreation Center
Lubuk Timah Fall Hot Spring
31300 Ipoh , PK

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Hear From Others

Lubuk Timah Recreational Centre has a few natural attractions, such as a free-flowing river, waterfall, as well as hot springs. Yes, it’s time to get wet!



Set amidst the scarred landscape of the quarries that is characteristic of Simpang Pulai is the tranquil oasis cum picnic ground that is Lubuk Timah.



What a perfect getaway to refresh and relax, get some beers and barbecue. A very beautiful scenery’s for photo enthusiasts, and wonderful place for families to enjoy the weekends.

Leo Quilbio

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