Kledang Hill

Kledang Hill is located at the suburb of Menglembu which is located at the west of Ipoh. Its highest point stands at 800 meters above sea level and ifrom where many communication towers that act as broadcasting stations for radio and TV networks in Ipoh.

Being easily accessible from Ipoh, the hill is a popular spot for early morning and late afternoon exercise fanatics and its lower levels can become fairly busy with walkers and mountain bikers. There are 4 trails here which take about 4 hours, 1 hour, 1.5 hours and 2 hours respectively. Due to these, trails, hiking at Kledang is suitable for all fitness levels. One of the routes uses the main road which is completely tarred and bring the hikers directly to the summit. The other routes cut through the jungle and meet the main road at certain points.

There are rest stops along the main road route and a waterfall along the jungle routes. It’s also possible to drive a 4 wheels vehicle up the main road to the peak. Besides hiking, one can run, bike and go jungle trekking all in one place. This is also the place to be for night hikes as one can get an unobstructed view of Ipoh from lower to mid levels area of the hill.

Image by: hams Nocete

Operating Hours

Daily: 24 Hours.



There no entrance fee charged for this place.


31450 Bukit Kledang Utama, Perak, Malaysia

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Hear From Others

A short climb for a rewarding view. Bukit Kledang is only 800 meters tall, but what is even better is that you do not need to reach the summit to enjoy the view. In fact, the summit has got little to no view at it is blocked by trees. A short climb to mid-hill around 250 meters high, you will get an unobstructed view of Ipoh which is the best spot to take pictures.


Located at the outskirts of Ipoh near the Jelapang/Menglembu area and the old highway to Lumut, Bukit Kledang has always been a favorite hiking spot for us Ipoh people. My father used to bring me and my siblings there when we were young.


As we hiked up the hill, we saw light slowly rising from the mountains and reflecting its rays onto the lush greenery around us. It was chilly as we went further up the road. The green that swallowed us were humming the music of the forest. We could hear the sounds of water, and a monkey made an appearance from the tree top.


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