Nasi Ganja

Don’t be duped by its controversial name. Nasi Ganja is actually a normal nasi kandar ayam merah that has a special place in the heart of the locals. It has no trace of cannabis or weed in its ingredient. The only relation is that this dish is quite addictive to people who tasted it and they associate the experience after eating the dish with the feeling of sleepiness akin to a trans like state when you get high. Which is normal effect the people get after they over eat any combination of oil and coconut milk dish.

Nasi Ganja comprises of steamed rice and a variety of different curries (in Malay we call it “kuah banjir”) and side dishes on the same plate. The signature dish is usually accompanied with ayam merah, salted duck egg, boiled ladies fingers, sliced cucumbers and the chutney. The chutney is made from chili, coconut and mint. There are other side dishes that people can add if they want to like fish curry, squid curry or mutton curry and many more.

Image by: Amelia Rodzman FB

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