Taman Merdeka

Taman Merdeka is a recreational park that is opened in 2011. It is established to commemorate the nation’s struggle to achieve independence. It consists of nine lawns. Each of the lawn depicting a different phase in the history relating to the fight for the independence.

The park is an ideal place for morning strolls, jogging, cycling, rock climbing and other community group exercise. There are plenty of big and shady trees planted to provide refreshing cool air. There are several routes that offer option for different surfaces and elevations for a good workout such as tarred roads that have a gradient that is flat and hilly, as well as surfaces that are sandy and stony.

Scheduled group exercise such as aerobics and Tai Chi are held in the park too.The visitors can actually do water activities such as Kayaking and Paddle Boating at the lake. The large, sparkling lake, together with the trees and green open spaces offer you a serene and peaceful environment in which to stay healthy.There’s also a pool for kids to swim.

In 2016, a musical fountain was added. It is an attractive sight to see especially at night. The water and the light will move alongside the music. It is really pretty to look at. The musical fountain was the Sultan’s Johor idea to provide the park with added value so as to increase visitors. The musical fountain operates daily between 9.00 p.m to 10.30 p.m.

Image by: Chongkian

Operating Hours

Always open to public.

Musical Fountain Show Time
Daily:  9.00 p.m to 11.00 p.m


There’s no entrance fee.



Jln Datin Halimah, 80200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.

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Hear From Others

Taman Merdeka is not that big a park. But it’s just big enough for park goers to do their thing, get acquainted with one another, with enough pitstops to rest their tired limbs, catch their breath or just to enjoy the view or the evening breeze.


I have taken walks in the park many times in the past year, mainly to exercise but also to take photos of the various features. Though most of the structures were man-made, I found the park quite pleasant, and a good place to take a morning or evening walk. The garden and lawns were also quite well maintained, and I saw grass cutters and gardeners there on many mornings. 

City Mouse

The bright and colorful lights and the majestic splash of water. Can’t really take my eyes of them. The fountain and lights’ rhythm syncs with the vibrant music, creating a lively yet fantasy-like image. The park seems to be a nice place. Great place for people to have a short walk after dinner

Carmen JW

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