Johor Bahru Classical Music Festival

Johor Bahru Classical Music Festival is organised annually by The Johor Society for the Performing Arts (J.S.P.A.). 

The festival is held in order to let the Johorean experience classical music that transcends generations, soundscapes and cultures. The theme differs every year. However, it still revolves around classical music.

The festival hosts plenty of concert from solo recital to big scale orchestra during the festival. The spectators have the opportunity to enjoy the work of the world-class performers during the festival.

Besides concerts and recitals, there will be  workshops and masterclasses for people from all walk of life to learn more about classical musics

Image by: The Johor Society for the Performing Arts FB

Where to go?

The venue changed each year. However, JSPA always keep the people up to date with the latest information via their official website and social media account.


There is no fixed date for the festival. However, it is always held between the month of July or August every year. Workshops and masterclasses often take place during the day while the concert and live performance take place at night.

Entrance Fee

VIP Festival Pass : RM 380.00
Regular Festival Pass : RM 230.00
Student Festival Pass : RM 120.00

(all passes allow access for all the activities and event held during the festival, however different seating are allocated based on the type of the pass)

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