Laksa Johor

Laksa Johor is a variant of laksa dish that is famous in Malaysia. Unlike other type of laksa that use rice noodle, it uses the spaghetti noodle.

The main ingredient for the laksa gravy is still fish. However, there’s a slight difference in the preparation. The gravy for laksa johor has coconut milk, kerisik, asam Gelugur, dried prawns, lemon grass, galangal¬†and spices.

The garnishing comprises slices of onion, beansprouts, bay leaves, laksa leaves, cucumber, and pickled white radish. The dish is accompanied by sambal belacan and lime fruit.

Laksa Johor has been declared a Malaysian heritage food by the Malaysian Department of National Heritage.

Image by: Maizawati Amin FB

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