Botok-botok Ikan

Botok-botok Ikan originates from the country of Indonesia. Johor has a huge Javanese community that brought this delicious delicacy along with them when they migrated to Johor.

Botok-botok Ikan is made from grated coconut flesh. The flesh is mixed with fish and other additional herbs spices.Some of the herbs used are tapioca buds, Vietnamese coriander, turmeric buds, kaffir lime leaf,basil leaves and many more. It is then wrapped tightly in banana leaf and steamed. When it is cooked, there will be a fragrant aroma coming out of it.

The taste of the botok-botok is slightly tangy, creamy and a little bit spicy. It is usually paired with a hot white rice.

Image by: Swaradila Weesy

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