Kathira Drink

Kathira is a traditional Johorean drink. The ingredients used are evaporated milk, screw pine flavored syrup, basil seeds, malva nuts and its signature star kathira gum. The Kathira gum, malva nuts and basil seed are soaked in water until they turned into a glutinous mass and then mixed with other ingredients.

Kathira gum is the sap extracted from the tree called tragacanth. It is either in a powder form or in small chunks. Kathira gum is widely consumed to reduce body heat. Hence, it is really useful in a hot and humid country like Malaysia.

Nowadays, people come out with many versions of this drink. Instead of the original screw pine flavor, the drink is innovated with several other flavors like rose syrup, blueberry, chocolate and many more.

Image by: Restoran Bisik Bisik FB

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