Teluk Kampi Beach

Teluk Kampi is part of of Penang National Park. It is the most secluded area and has the longest beach that stretches around the curving bay compared to other parts of the park. The beach rarely visited by the tourists.

The beach is located 5KM from the entrance of the national park. After registration, the visitors will have to cross the other beach called Pantai Kerachut before they can reach Teluk Kampi.

However, the path is very steep and narrow. It can be extremely slippery during raining season. But not to worry because there is a small park rangers outpost located at the beach and the trail is patrolled by park rangers.

There are facilities like toilets, a pavilion, and a prayer room provided and the visitors can camp at night if they receive the permission. Since the beach is located facing the west, the visitors that camp at the beach will have the opportunity to catch the sunset.

The trenches found along the northern coast of the bay indicates there was a Japanese Army defense post during the World War 2. 

Image by: Alexey Komar

Operating Hours

Daily: 7:30 a.m – 6:00 p.m


There is no entrance fee. But if the visitors want to take a boat ride instead of hiking to get to the beach, The cost of the boat ride is RM 130.00.


C5RJ+PM Balik Pulau, Penang, Malaysia

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Hear From Others

The view at Telok Kampi Beach is really nice, the sand is different .. maybe more fine .. and less people hike up here too, so you can have a quiet moment resting and enjoy the view of nice sandy beach there.

Jay Chha

For nature lovers, this place will be a great place to do nature watch. We spotted eagles and even otter at this place. If you are lucky enough, you might even encounter dolphin on your way home by boat. Aside from swimming and nature watching, you can also collect clam or fishing at this place.

nadia itsuki

It’s the longest beach in the park, and very picturesque. There is a ‘hall’ – an open-sided wooden structure – on the seafront. I couldn’t help but notice that its beams looked perfect for hammock hanging, and one of them had a power outlet..


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