Mengkuang Dam

Mengkuang Dam is the largest dam in Penang. It is located 28km northeast of Butterworth.

Besides its breathtaking scenic landscape,the park in the dam area offers jogging trails that snaking through the fruits orchards and rubber plantation. The visitors also can have a picnic on the green grass or take a rest at the readily available benches along the dam area.

The dam reach its fame when it became the venue for the annual Penang’s International Dragon Boat Festival.

The dam is currently closed due to renovation process. It will soon be opened after the renovation is completed.

Image by: SunCon Photos

Operating Hours

7.00 a.m to 7.00 p.m daily.


There is no entrance fee for this place.


P129, Kampung Mengkuang, Penang, 12300 Bukit Mertajam, Malaysia

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Hear From Others

So, what you can do in Mengkuang dam? a lot!! go there and just have fun, no need to worry about money coz it is open to public for free!!

Celine Yue

I enjoyed this park for years and it was a great weekend getaway to bring the kids. We hope to see it up and running again. It is such a great family park and I hope that sitting spot is still someplace sitting pretty when I come back.

Life Ramblings

There were a lot of fish in the water, colorful ones too. If you happen to be here, bring a long some bread crumbs to feed the fish. It could be quite an experience 🙂 When we were there we spotted an eagle too!


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