Bukit Panchor Forest Park

Bukit Panchor Forest Park is one of Penang’s state parks. It provides outdoor recreational activities and encourages public’s appreciation for forests and ecotourism.

The park provides facilities such as camping sites, restrooms, barbeque pits, water and electricity supply. There is also a canteen for visitors to buy food and beverages.

There are a number of caves opened to visitors such as Kelawar Cave and Tongkat Cave. Visitors can take a guided 90-minute hike to the caves.

There is also a guided tour to mangrove forest called  Taman Wetlands. The goal of the tour is to impart knowledge on the ecology, and teach the public about the importance of flora and fauna.

Image by: Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia official website

Operating Hours

Daily: 7.00 am to 6.00 pm


There is no entrance fee.


Bukit Panchor14300 Nibong Tebal, Penang, Malaysia

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Hear From Others

Bukit Panchor State Park is the only site in Penang where Giant Pitta has been recorded, though there have been no records for a few years now. The park is quite well maintained, and is well-known for its several bat-caves.

dig deep

This place is the best place for camping, jungle trekking and cave trekking nearby USM. We din do jungle trekking this time as we just wanna find out how this place looked like and we will come back with better equipment.


Bukit Panchor, on the southern part of mainland Penang, holds many secrets. There was a report of tigers’ tracks found in this forest. There are caves but not the limestone type. There are many exotic plants and fauna in this park.

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