Pesta Pulau Penang

Pesta Pulau Pinang is an annual exhibition that promotes the sales of local goods by local businesses and vendors. This one-month long exhibition started as an initiative to revive the economy when Penang suffered from the economic crisis. At the beginning, the event only drew very small crowd but through time, it gradually gets bigger.

During the exhibition, There will be performances like traditional dances, lion dances, acrobatics, kung fu and music performances to entertain the visitors. There are also concerts,International Cat shows and cultural art shows. Competition such as like Boxing and Muay Thai are also held.

Rides are the major attractions of the Carnival. There are almost 20 different types of rides for the visitors to enjoy. For example, Vortex, Sky Rider, Multi-storey roller coaster, Top Gun and Merry Go Round for children to play.

There are nearly 300 vendors open the booths at the carnival to sell their goods. Though there is no specific fee to witness the performances, the payment should be made for the goods and artifacts bought.

In 2018, the exhibition will happen from 25th November 2018 to 1st January 2019. The show begins at 6.00PM in the evening and extends up to 12.00AM midnight.  Since 3 decades, Penang successfully hosted this Carnival which draws several people from different parts of the world.

Image by: Loenard Kong

Where to go?

Pesta Pulau Pinang takes place at Sungai Nibong of Penang.


Pesta Pulau Pinang usually takes place around November to December. It lasts a month. It starts from 6.00 p.m to 12.00 a.m daily.


There is no entrance fee. However, one has to pay to for the rides.