Penang Hill Festival

Penang Hill Festival has just started in 2018. It is celebrated in order to boost more visitors to Penang Hill. The hill has a vast diversity of wildlife, natural habitat and many beautiful delights for the people to enjoy.

The main objective of the festival  is- 'See the Nature. Feel the History’. It offers  almost 10 different activities, some free and some charged for the visitors to take part. The festival is a treat to all nature lovers. Many tourists and the locals around the place come to visit the Hill during the festival.



Where to go?

The festival takes place at Penang Hill.


The first Penang Hill Festival happened from July 21st to 29th in 2018.


Some activities offered are free while some are charged. The fee for the charged activities are:
- Rain-forest discovery walk and talk: RM 48
- Wild Roads and Night exploration: RM 10
- Sun Salutations at Curtis Crest: RM 70 per head