Chingay & Lion Dance Parade

Chingay & Lion Dance Parade is a street parade that is held annually in Malaysia for more than 100 years. It is to celebrate the birthday of the Chinese deities. It is also held as the procession of Guanyin as part of the Chinese New Year celebration. The popularity of Chingay has made it one of the very impressive cultural landmarks in Penang.

The term Chingay originates from the word Zhingyi that means "true art" in Penang Chinese dialect. During the parade, the performer balances a giant flag that ranges from 25 to 32 feet in height and about 60 pounds in weight and perform the lion dance.

Image by: MyPenang

Where to go?

The parade starts from Gurdwara Road then proceed through several city streets and ends at the Esplanade, Padang Kota Lama.


A Chingay parade is held annually every December. The parade begins at 7.00 p.m and ends around 11.00 p.m.


There is no entrance fee for the parade.