Songkran Festival

The Annual Songkran or Water Festival has been organized for more than 15 years by Thai and Burmese Communities in Penang. It takes place on the 13th of April every year.

The festival coincides with the Thai new year. It is celebrated by liberally splashing water on each other to wash away bad luck.The people take the opportunity to gather and enjoy the day with family and friends.

Historically, Songkran is an important occasion for the Buddhist and Burmese communities in Penang. It is the time of the year when Aries rises in the astrological chart.

The devotees wake up early in the morning and visit the Buddha temple. They wash the Buddha idol with scented water and give offerings. The celebration however, is held outside the temple.

The festival begins at 10 AM and continues till 4 PM in the evening. Apart from water splashing activity, there are also stage performances, songs and food.

Image by: Jan

Where to go?

The festival is held along Lorong Burma around Wat Chayamangkalaran Thai Buddhist Temple and Dharmikara Burmese Buddhist Temple in Pulau Tikus.


The festival is held between 13 April and 15 April every year. It starts from 10.00 a.m to 4.00 p.m.


There is no entrance fee to join the festival.