New Year Celebration

Malaysia celebrates the new year just like any other country in the world. It is celebrated anually on the 1st day of January, which marks the first day of the year
In the Gregorian calendar,

The celebration usually starts on the eve of  31st December and known as Ambang Tahun Baru. It goes on till past midnight into the new year. There will be concerts either sponsored by the government or the private sectors held in several location in Kuala Lumpur. The most known location is Merdeka Square.

Ten seconds before the clock strikes twelve. There will be a countdown. Exactly at twelve. There will be fireworks shows..The event was usually broadcasted live on air.

Image by: Shanim Sainul

Where to go?

There are several places that held parties to celebrate the New Year Celebration. However, The most famous location where the crowd gathers are Merdeka Square and the Petronas Twin Tower.


The Ambang Tahun Baru is celebrated on the eve of the new year till past midnight.


There is no charge for the concert celebration held by the government.