Curry Mee

Curry Mee is a unique Malaysian dish. It is also known as a curry laksa among the ethnic Chinese in Malaysia. The dish consists of three major races which are Malay,  Chinese and Indian influence in it.

The broth is usually made with a combination of curry powder, chilli paste and coconut milk and simmered in the pot for a quite sometimes. The ingredients such as cockle, dried tofu, cuttlefish, chicken fillet, eggs and many more are added to the broth to give the broth a rich taste. The choice of noodle are mostly yellow noodle or vermicelli noodle. The dish then is garnished with long beans, bean sprouts and some mint leaves

Curry mee has just been nominated at number two best food experience in the world by the tastemakers at LonelyPlanet.

Image by: Charles Haynes

Hear From Others

Curry mee is undeniably one of the most delectable hawker street food that we Malaysians absolutely adore. Our local rendition of curry mee has taken the dish to new heights as agreed by many tourists and locals both who have tried curry noodles elsewhere. There is definitely something special and distinct about our local curry mee that just pleases palates of all roots of the world.

Nicole Chin

Curry Mee/Curry Laksa is a dish that’s full of flavours–slightly creamy soup infused with coconut milk, the spiciness of the chilli and fragrance of spices; never fails to satisfy my appetite to have it for breakfast or lunch.

Leemei Tan

A bowl of sinfully rich curry mee; loaded with boiled shrimp, slices of lean pork, crunchy bean sprouts and long beans. Can you spell B-L-I-S-S? A squeeze of lime, a stir with the designated cutlery; a porcelain spoon and a pair of blood red chopsticks; and voila! Tuck in to a deliciously-sinful bowl of curry mee packed with flavours.

J2Kfm aka Motormouth