Sri Mahamariamman Temple

Sri Mahamariamman Temple is located at the south of Jalan Hang Lekir. The  extravagantly decorated temple incorporating a south Indian style in its architecture. It is the oldest temple in Kuala Lumpur.

This temple was founded by K. Thamboosamy Pillai in 1873, an Indian immigrant from southern India to serve as a place of worship and provide solace from the rigours of the community’s working life.

The temple was named after the popular Hindu deity, Mariamman which is believed by the devotees to be their protector when journeying to the foreign lands. Mariamman is a manifestation of the goddess Parvati that protects her devotees from unholy or demonic events.

Inside the temple, the visitors can feel a sense of serenity. The floor is cool and the air is scented with flowers, camphor, ‘dhoop’ and ‘agarbattis’. The main prayer hall features a richly-decorated domed ceiling where three shrines are located; four smaller shrines are located peripherally around the main temple building. These shrines house effigies like Lord Ganesha, Lord Muruga, Lakshmi and more images.

The temple is built similar to the shape of a human body with its head positioned towards the west and the feet pointing east. There are 228 Hindu idols adorning the five tiers tower called Gopuram. It is the tallest structure in the temple and symbolizes the feet of a human. The temple is also adorned with hand-painted motifs depicting stories from early Hinduism.

The temple is accessible by public transportation. The nearest one is Pasar Seni LRT Station.

Image by: Shangchieh

Opening Hours

Sunday – Thursday: 6.00 a.m – 10.30 a.m, 11.30 a.m – 1.00 p.m, 4.00 p.m – 8.30 p.m
Friday: 6.00 a.m – 1.30 p.m, 2.30 p.m – 9.30 p.m
Saturday: 6.00 a.m – 9.00 pm


There is no entrance fee. However donation is encouraged.


Jalan Tun H S Lee, City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Hear From Others

The atmosphere inside was very peaceful. Priests arranged some offerings off to the left of the pavillion and worshipers lit lamps and left flowers at shrines around the temple.


Because this is a place of worship, the temple does not a charge a fee to non-worshippers who wish to enter the premises. However, as a spectator one must follow and adhere to the custom of the temple, such as by not wearing what is perceived as indecent clothing and such. In most Hindu temples, they require as well that visitors take off their shoes. Wearing socks are fine though.

Jo Travels

I really love this temple. I love how very colorful and very detailed all the statues and ceiling I saw inside of it. And the place is very solemn. I got amazed when I saw the three shrines in the main temple which is roofed by an ornamental embellished dome. 

Awil Araneta
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