Yong Tau Foo

Yong Tau Foo is a snack food that taste nice when eaten together with others. It is originally a Hakka Chinese cuisine consisting primarily of tofu filled with ground meat mixture or fish paste.The tofu are usually braised or fried. However nowadays a variety of dishes such as fresh vegetables, quail eggs, eggplants, shiitake mushrooms, fish balls, crab sticks, cuttlefish, ladies fingers, chilis and many more are added into the selection.

Before Yong Tau Foo is served. The chosen dishes are cut into a bite size portion dipped briefly in a boiling broth (usually the soup).  Once they are cooked,they will either be served with the sweet sauce or the soup in one bowl.


Image by: Kyle Lam

Hear From Others

Yong Tau Foo or braised tofu in Cantonese has its origins in China. In Malaysia, YTF is made popular by hawker stalls within the Ampang vicinity of Kuala Lumpur. Through the years, YTF has evolved to include stuffing fish paste into a multitude of fresh vegetables the most common and popular being okra, eggplant, red chillies and bitter gourd.


It is healthy, delicious and reasonably priced. A good comfort food especially on cool rainy days in the tropics.


These days, yong tau foo is more than just beancurd. It has evolved into a colorful smorgasbord of stuffed beancurd products like beancurd puffs and beancurd skin, as well as vegetables like bitter gourd, chilli, and eggplant. In addition, minced fish paste is the preferred filling – to include our non-pork-eating dining companions, we think.

Julia Khoo