Pisang Goreng

Pisang Goreng is a popular snack food in Kuala Lumpur. It is often sold by street vendors and can be found in every corner of the street usually after the noon time.

The snack is made of banana that is dipped in batter, then deep fried in hot cooking oil. The batter usually uses the mixture of flour, either wheat, rice flour, tapioca or bread crumb.

This greasy snack is so delicious to be eaten while it is still hot. The sweet taste of the banana matches so well with the salty taste of the batter. Most people like the batter to be crispy.

Image by: Rahul Sadagopan

Hear From Others

A plate of plump golden brown Pisang Goreng for just RM2. (RM1 for 5 pcs). This must be consume while its warm. A bite of it you are able to hear some “krok krok” sound effect. Crispy batter….sweet, ripe & firm banana.

Tham Melissa

I let half of the fritter slide out from the bag and sank my teeth into it, rolling the piece in my mouth from side to side to prevent my tongue from getting burnt. The crust was fragrant. The pisang raja within was slightly sourish and still piping hot. I could see vapour escaping from the bitten off end. A few more mouthfuls and all that left was the greasy brown paper bag with morsels of crusts at the bottom. My appetite satiated, I continued on my ride home.

Peter Tan

Just ripe bananas dipped in a thick batter are deep-fried till golden, creating a crispy outside and a soft sweet inside – a truly delectable treat.