Nuang Mountain Recreational Forest

Nuang Mountain is located at the south side of the Kuala Lumpur’s outskirt. It has an altitude of 1493 metres. It is a popular weekend hiking trail among visitors who are interested in hiking.

Gunung Nuang  offers hikers the opportunity to see exotic and unique tropical flora and fauna. The vibrant ecosystem that stretches throughout the trek will expose visitors to nature at its most natural form.

Besides hiking, visitors can enjoy a fantastic view on the mountain especially during sunrise and sunset. In addition, there are rivers and waterfalls that are ideal for swimming and camping in the Recreational Forest.

Nuang Mountain is more suitable for visitors who have previous mountain hiking experience due to its challenging nature. For beginners who want to experience the hike. It would take quite an effort to get used to.

Nuang Mountain is not accessible by public transportation. It is advisable to use car as a mode of transformation.

Image by: Irwandy Mazwi

Opening Hours

Open daily 24 hours.


No entrance free. However there’s a charge for the parking.


Kampung Pungsun, 43100 Hulu Langat, Selangor, Malaysia

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Hear From Others

On my way going down the hill, I actually had muscle cramps & pain in my knees during the long hours of trekking but its fun, great sweat & help detoxifying the body as well!

Lenny Wong

The hike to the top of Gunung Nuang usually take one full day (around 9 hours), but one can opt to overnight camping to decrease the intensity of the hike. It usually take me 5 to 5.5 hours to climb to the peak and 3.5 to 4 hour to hike down if it is a full day hike.


A good thing about Nuang’s trail, it can be divided in stages. Hence it can cater at most of runner’s need, time and fitness level.

Sam McComa

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