Kuala Lumpur is a city with a hot and humid weather. The heat will oftentimes makes the visitors crave for something sweet, smooth and creamy. Cendol is the type of dessert that would satisfy you crave and make your thirst disappear.

Cendol is a sweet green jelly mixed with creamy coconut milk and shaved ice dessert. It got its name from the sweet green jelly that is used as the main ingredients. However, the green jelly is not the only thing that this dessert has to offer. To add to the sweet taste of chendol, a layer of liquid brown sugar is added in the mix.

The garnishing doesn’t just stop at the green jelly, some hawkers even put cincau, sweet corn, glutinous rice, fermented tapioca, diced mango or even a piece of durian in the chendol. The customers will be spoilt for choice.

For those who never try the chendol, it always the best to start with the basic chendol because nothing could go wrong with the original cendol. On another note, chendol is also a great dessert to be paired with assam laksa.

Image by: Joann Choo

Hear From Others

Everything about it was right: the coconut milk was so rich that melting ice barely made a dent; the red beans were large and cooked through but not mushy; and the noodles were toothsome and identifiably pandan-flavored. The smoky, butterscotchy gula syrup sent me into a swoon.

Robyn Eckhardt

Cendol with Palm sugar Syrup and Coconut milk is a type of dessert in Malaysia. Cendol strands is made of Pandan juice with the combination of mung bean and corn flour.

Angie Tee

Like bubble tea’s more flamboyant cousin, cendol is a cacophony of texture. Its most basic form involves those delightfully disturbing mung bean-worm noodles, coconut milk, palm sugar, condensed milk and shaved ice. But don’t be fooled- while shaved ice is a component, this is no snow cone.