Koay Teow Th’ng

Penangites would never have the need to choose between koay teow th’ng or char koay teow. Both dishes are equally delicious. Instead of choosing which one to eat, why not eat both?  While char koay teow is stir fried, Koay teow th’ng is served in a bowl of soup. The soup is usually simmered overnight. Some use pork, some use chicken meat, some use duck meat and some use beef as the stock. Whichever they use. The broth tastes equally amazing. The garnishing consists of shredded meat be it chicken, duck, pork or beef, beansprouts, bak choi or mustard and fish balls. The dish is sprinkled with green onions and diced cilantro to enhance the taste and to gives off the aroma that could make your tummy grumble from hunger.

Image by Penang Wikia.