Ais Kacang

Every Penangite in general will have a sentimental feeling when it comes to ais kacang. Growing up, ais kacang is part of their childhood. Especially if they are born in the 80’s. The song “ais kacang” will be automatically played in their mind every time they are enjoying this cold dessert. Ais kacang is basically shaved ice in a bowl mixed with condensed milk, sugary brown syrup  and sugary red syrup. The toppings originally are a variety of crushed peanuts, kidney beans, red beans, sweet corn, shredded nutmeg and grass jelly. Nowadays, you can find ice cream, yummy sweet fruits such as lychee, dragon fruits, strawberry, kiwi and mango are added to the dessert. Not forgetting the colorful rice sprinkled on top. No matter how ais kacang dessert has evolved. The sweet taste of it will always lingers in the Penangites’ heart.

Image by Chee Hou Kok.