Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

Kuala Lumpur City Gallery tells the story of Kuala Lumpur’s past, present and future through miniature mock ups of famous city landmarks. It is set in a 114-year old, colonial-style building beside Merdeka Square. It is owned by ARCH.

The highlight of the gallery  is The Spectacular City Model Show.  The massive 3D miniature model showcases the city’s past, present and future through a light and sound presentation. Among the miniatures are the 3D diorama of Merdeka Square, Chinatown and Masjid Jamek. The entire 3D model of the city covers 1.7km² and includes trees, roads, rivers and buildings. More than 500 buildings are included in the model.

The iconic I ♥ KL structure outside of the building is a hit among visitors who like to pose next to the sign for a photo. The wall with a timeline chronicles KL’s origins from the 1850s to the present time. There is also a Kuala Lumpur Skyscraper mural created out of 20 different species of wood on display.

The gallery is accessible by public transportation. There are two stations nearby. One is Kuala Lumpur KTM Komuter station and the other one is Masjid Jamek LRT Station.

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Image by: KLCityGallery

Opening Hours

9.00 a.m-6.30 p.m daily.


Entrance ticket: RM10


Dataran Merdeka, 27, Jalan Raja, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50050 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Hear From Others

I’ve seen a lot of scale models but this one is different aside from the fact that it was huge and the buildings replicates the real thing.


Colonial exterior, inside totally modern, the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery comes along. The absolute highlight here is the illuminated miniature version of Kuala Lumpur City!


I am impressed by the scale and details of the city’s model in display, beautified with animated lighting and music. 



Nearby Attractions

Merdeka Square

Merdeka Square is a square located in front of Sultan Abdul Samad Building. It is known as the square where the independence of Malaya was announced and where the Union Jack flag was taken down for the first time.

Royal Selangor Club

The Royal Selangor Club is a social club in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, founded in 1884 by the British who ruled Malaya and still exist until now. The membership is based on recommendation only.

Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Sultan Abdul Samad building is a late nineteenth century iconic building located in front of the Merdeka Square and the Royal Selangor Club. The building originally housed the offices during British colonial administration and renamed after Sultan Abdul Samad, the reigning sultan of Selangor at the time.