Penang is quite hot due to the closer proximity to the sea. Penangites would always find the time to cool off the heat by enjoying this shaved ice dessert mixed with sweet green jelly and creamy coconut milk. Chendol got its name from the sweet green jelly that is used as the main ingredients. To add to the sweet taste of the chendol, a layer of liquid brown sugar is added in the mix. Some hawkers put grass jelly, sweet corn, glutinous rice, fermented tapioca, diced mango or even a piece of durian fruit in the chendol. The customers will be spoilt for choice. For those who never try the chendol before, it always best to start with the basic chendol. Then gradually upgrading to more adventurous option. On another note, chendol is also a great dessert to be paired with assam laksa or pasembur.

Image by Tiberiu Ana.