Oyster Omelette

The traditional way of frying oyster omelets is by using the lard, but many hawkers opt to use vegetable oils to replace the lard. Worry not because it doesn’t affect the tastiness of the dish. Don’t be discouraged by the smell of the oyster. The smell is something you will to get used to just like smell of the durian fruits. But once you’ve tasted the fresh and juicy taste of the oyster, all your doubt will disappear. To prepare the omelet, the eggs are beaten then mixed with the paste made from tapioca starch and water. The scallions are added to the batter. The batter is poured onto the pan then cooked until it is crisp. Once it is crisp, it is scrambled together with the baby oysters. Oyster omelet often eaten with chili sauce, a little bit of lime zest and mince garlic.

Image by Kyle Lam.