Mee Goreng

What makes mee goreng mamak stands out compared to its other equally tasty counterparts? It is made by stir frying the yellow noodle with sweet soy sauce, tomato ketchup, onion garlic and the secret ingredient which is the cuttlefish chili paste. The noodle is also stir-fried with eggs, potatoes, bean curds, prawn fritters, flour-batter fritters and beansprouts. For those who like meat in their noodle, they can request for chicken, cockles or cuttlefish to be added. The best part about eating the mee goreng mamak is when the tangy lime juice is squeezed and squirted on the mee goreng.  It adds the sour taste to the mee goreng. It makes the whole experience amazing.

Image by Adib Wahab.