Apom Manis

Apom manis is a suitable food to eat if you want a break from eating something heavy. The creamy batter is made from coconut milk, flour, eggs and sugar. It is then poured on the wok and swirled around to form a thin layer with a soft, spongy center. Some prefer an egg to be cracked on top of the batter. Some like to eat the apom manis the way it is. The batter is covered with the lid for three minutes before it is served on top of the banana leave. The smell from the banana leaves and the soft and fluffy texture of the apom manis match so well that one doesn’t simply just eat one serving. Please be alert that due to its light texture and yummy factor, people tend to overeat the apom manis that it leaves no room for the tummy to enjoy other food.

Image by CCFoodTravel.