Roti Canai

Who can resist a fluffy and buttery fragrant of roti canai? The dough is kneaded to perfection with the ghee. It is left overnight and flipped repeatedly the next day until the dough is flat and airy. Then it is cooked on the flat pan. The classic roti canai is called “roti kosong”. It is dipped into the dhal gravy. In Penang, don’t be surprised if you see the place selling only roti canai but provides variety of dishes as the dipping. You can find beef kima, chicken kima, mutton kima, beef curry, chicken curry, mutton curry, mince beef gravy, sardine gravy and many more to dip your roti with. Whatever dipping that you choose to eat the roti with, the crispiness of the roti will ensure that the taste would be awesome.

Image by Alpha.