Nasi Lemak

Unlike other food, nasi lemak has its own place at the heart of Penangites. It is a hearty meal and it is easy to be brought anywhere because it is a wrapped dish. The classic nasi lemak comes with the fragrant rice that is cooked with the coconut milk and screw pine leaves. You can taste the richness of the coconut milk in the rice. The anchovies sambal gives both sweet and spicy taste to the dish. The fried anchovies give the salty taste, the fried peanuts give the sweet taste and the cucumber slices added the freshness into it. As for the side dish, instead of boiled eggs, some people prefer the sunny side eggs or omelet. Some people also like to pair nasi lemak with other dishes like beef or chicken rendang, chicken sambal, squid sambal, beef lung sambal or cockle sambal.

Image by Alpha.