Penang Bird Park

There are 3,000 birds kept safely in 150 cages for conservation and breeding purposes in the Penang Bird Park. This sanctuary is conceived as a beautiful garden that has Malay huts located besides cascading waterfalls and Chinese-pattern wooden bridges over natural ponds with lotus, water lilies, and colourful fishes.

This bird park is the first bird park in Malaysia and it is also the largest. It was established in 1988 with a budget of RM1.2 million, the complex is a safe haven for more than 300 species of birds (150 of them are local origin). The species range from tiny rare sunbirds to kingfishers, and even the gigantic eight feet tall ostriches.

The Penang Bird Park is situated in Seberang Jaya in a stunning area. It spans five acres and the whole complex is purpose-built to resemble the birds’ natural homes. The park is also the home to some mouse deer (kancil), crocodiles, giant pythons, turtles, leaf monkeys and many more.

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Image by Penang Bird Park.

Opening Hours

Daily (including Public Holidays): 9:00 am – 7:00 pm.


Adult: RM 38.
Children (below 12-year-old): RM 20.
School Children (with Malaysian National School Uniform): RM 10,

My Kad Holder: RM 23.
My Kid Holder – RM 13.

Physically and/or mentally handicapped & underprivileged persons: Free.


Jalan Todak,
Seberang Jaya,
13700 Perai,

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Hear From Others

If you need a reason to visit Penang Bird Park, let it be “to see Cockatoo”. I feel like they are funny and good-looking.


Penang Bird Park is a place for bird-lovers, nature lovers; a place for a relaxing family outing and most of all a “must” to the visitors of this beautiful PENANG in Malaysia.

Beverly Tan

I did enjoyed looking at pretty birds and Ostriches! lol. if that makes any sense… Overall, I am pretty happy with the photos and the time spent there!

Caryn Ng

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