Bao Sheng Durian Farm

Located at Balik Pulau, the Bao Sheng Durian Farm is a haven for avid lovers of the King of Fruits, the durian. This farm provides an educational insight into the durian’s flavour and the role of pesticide-free and healthy farming methods. This methods ensures that the farm is consistently producing high-quality durians.

The farm grows organic durians for fruit lovers and enthusiasts who come here for a day-trip or even stay onsite. This farm has villas beneath the durian trees, where visitors can stay overnight.

The Bao Sheng Durian Farm was initiated in 1959 by Chang Fatt Hin. Around 1999, his son, Chang Teik Seng (also famously known as Durian Seng), transformed the 6.7-acre durian farm into a pesticide-free organic farm that focuses on producing high quality and healthy durians. Durian Seng and his wife, Tan Yen Kim, have noticed that the durians their farm produce are more tasty and scrumptious. They successfully identified the 5 different flavours of durians. They are bitter, sweet, alcohol, floral, and the famous ‘numb’ taste.

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Image by Kelantan Jottings.

Opening Hours

Daily: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm.


Day Trip: RM 250 per person (including durian tasting).

Staying Overnight: Check website.


150 Mk2 Sungai Pinang,
Balik Pulau,
11000 Penang.

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Hear From Other

The ‘durian experience’ at Bao Sheng is different from others. Besides getting to enjoy the delicious durians, you also learn about durians from the friendly owner, nicknamed as ‘Durian Seng’ (I call him uncle Seng). 

Cheryl Lam

Anyway, if you love durian, I highly recommend staying on a durian farm as an experience. The Bao Sheng durian farm offers basic but comfortable accommodations and lots of delicious durian. The family all speaks English, so it’s easy to book via email, and Penang is a cool place to visit generally if you like food.



Every year the farm is visited by travelers from the far corners of the world with one fruit in mind, the durian. Some even volunteer to work as farmhands in return for shelter, just so that they could have unhindered access to the fruit and its flesh.

Vimal Palasekaran

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