Sun Yat Sen Museum

Formerly, the Sun Yat Sen Museum Penang was known as the Sun Yat Sen Penang Base. It is a historical museum in Georgetown, Penang and is dedicated to physician turned nationalist from China, Dr. Sun Yat Sen. He established the Chinese Republic back in 1912 right after his efforts in Xinhai Revolution.

The Sun Yat Sen Museum is a place that exhibits the life’s work of Dr. Sun Yat Sen. He led the Chinese Revolution in 1911 and was an iconic Asian nationalist figure. During that era, he garnered support from overseas Chinese and turned out to be China’s first provisional president. He is widely regarded as the father of modern China. Born in Guangdong, China in 1866, he first came to Penang back in 1905. He then moved the Southeast Asian headquarters of his political party, T’ung Meng Hui from Singapore to Penang.

The building was built in 1880 and was meant to be a residential townhouse. It was an amazing example of a Straits Settlements merchant’s resident. With an uncommon length of more than 40 meters, the structure is a living example of the architectural heritage of Penang. Several of the building’s main features such as the courtyard garden, patterned floor tiles, large beams and a charming timber staircase still survive up to this day. The interior of this building is a splendour, with ornately carved wooden screens and Chinese furniture that brings back the ambiance of the olden days. The olden vibes extend to the kitchen which has the original firewood stove as well as kitchen utensils.

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Opening Hours

Monday: Closed.
Tuesday – Saturday: 9 am – 5 pm.
Sunday: 1 pm – 5 pm.




120, Lebuh Armenian,
10200 George Town,

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Hear From Others

Exhibits included tallies of his fundraising from overseas Chinese around the world (he had some big donors in Canada) and a recent movie about his efforts (the revolution will be televised?). The room and table show where he met with his supporters and fellow revolutionaries.


The house has interesting opening in the ceiling that allow natural light to come into the house, and also rainwater for the plant. If you are in the mood, I guess you can play in the rain in the house as well?


This mansion, built in 1880s, was carefully and extensively restored during 1990s. It has a courtyard garden and traditional Nyonya kitchen where the quaint utensils are displayed. The whole building carries an air of old-world charm.

Sreejith Vijayakumar

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