Millionaire’s Row

Millionaire’s Row is a neighborhood which is situated on the waterfront along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah (Northam Road). It houses Penang’s elite. Back in the early days, it used to be a quirky European territory which possesses stately Straits-style mansions that provides a statement of wealth. Today, some of these spectacular and remarkable bungalows are occupied by the descendants of the original affluent Chinese tycoons.

The homes in Millionaire’s Row cost starts from the millions and each has its own unique architectural styles. It varies from townhouses and mansions to enigmatic modern creations. Not very far from this stretch is where the oldest Christian Cemetery in Penang (The Protestant Cemetery) is nestled. This row is located at a prime location in Georgetown and is also known as the Millionaire’s Mile. It is similar to the exclusive residential neighborhood of Boca Raton, Palm Beach in Florida (known as America’s Billionaire’s Playground). The Millionaire’s Row is perfect for a tranquil stroll as the magnificence of the mansions can be explored slowly with time. Catch it during sunset and the stretch will look amazing.

Image by Malay Mail.

Operating Hours

The place is a housing area. However some of the villa/mansions offered restaurant and accommodation services. The operating hours differ according to each villa/mansion.


You can view the mansions from outside. Admission to each mansion varies.


Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah (known formerly as Northam Road),

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Hear From Others

The house of the late Yeap Chor Ee, Homestead at Jalan Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah(formerly Northam Road), Penang. Northam Road was known as Millionaire’s Row. The land was donated by the trustee of the late Yeap Chor Ee(1867-1952) to Wawasan Open University, Penang.

Boon Raymond

Soonstead Mansion is one of the grand heritage mansions along Penang’s “Millionaires’ Row” with a waterfront. Soonstead Mansion, originally called Northam Lodge, was built by a prominent architect—James Stark—in 1911 for the rubber and sugar planter Heah Swee Lee.The house was a focus of George Town’s high society and during the housewarming party, the Straits Settlements Legislative Councillor A. R. Adams congratulated the owner on his “splendid domicile” and the architect on the “excellent results.”

Opalyn Mok

Today Northam Road is punctuated by these elegant mansions of the yesterday millionaires of Penang. However, their days of grandeur have long past, and many of these grand dames are forced to house commercial enterprises. 


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