Eastern & Oriental Hotel

Eastern & Oriental Hotel is a massive colonial-style resort and one can only describe it as impressive. It has lovely gardens and sophisticated rooms which are portraying the British-Raj era. Guests visiting the E&O came from all backgrounds but it hosted some of the world’s most well-known people. Known as the E&O to many generations of avid travellers, it has been around for more than a century. That had been a great proof to the majestic classiness of the British colonial era. Without a doubt, the Eastern & Oriental Building is filled with great character, charm, and beauty which represent Penang itself.

After the Suez Canal was launched in 1869, travels to Asia took off in style and extravagance. Penang was transformed into a trading post that could possess a hotel as splendid as the Eastern & Oriental Hotel. In 1885, the E&O was built by the famous Armenian Arkies brothers. During that era, the four-brother hotelier team was responsible for some of the most remarkable hotels of the British Empire in Asia. When the hotel started business, it had 100 rooms and a 902ft seafront, which is the longest of any hotel in the world.

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Always open.


Public areas: FREE.

This is a working hotel. Private areas are restricted to guests only.


10, Lebuh Farquhar,
10200 George Town,

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I cannot even describe how gorgeous it is.

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The E&O Hotel may have had its golden age pre-WWII, but it still stands today as a living relic of George Town that continues to enchant visitors and locals alike with its colonial charm and vintage interiors.

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Yes, back in those times, the Eastern & Oriental Hotel was the grand dame of Penang, the must visit place in South East Asia.

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