Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower

Just as the name applauses, the Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower is an evidence to Penang’s royal influences. Back in 1897, a local millionaire named Cheah Chen Eok commissioned the Clock Tower. It is to honour Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. To represent the Queen’s 60-year of reign, the Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower was built 60ft-high.

It is situated south of Fort Cornwallis and during the time, it was constructed at a cost of 35,000 Straits dollars. The shiny whitewashed tower is crowned by a splendid Moorish Dome. This structure consists of four tiers. The base of it is octagon-shaped and the following two tiers contain another four individual sections. They possess detailed windows, terraces as well as a functioning clock on both sides. As for the top tier, it is rounded off with stunning Roman pillars and finished with a golden dome cupola. Also, the six steps going up to the main entrance symbolizes the number of decades of Queen Victoria’s reign.

An interesting fact about the clock tower: due to the impact of bombs dropped during World War II, The Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower leans slightly to one side, just like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Image by Don Wong.

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Always open.


No admission into the tower.


Lebuh Light,
10450 George Town,

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Welcome to the Leaning Tower of Penang.

Abhijeet Deshpande
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Yeap! It’s the most iconic clock tower in Georgetown named Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower.

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Penang has its own leaning tower: the iconic Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower.

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