Khoo Kongsi

More than ten decades ago, the Khoo Clan built a magnificent clan house called Khoo Kongsi. It is hidden like a gem in a maze of passageways and pre-war houses. To reach this place, you can enter from three different entrances which are entryway at the Armenian Street, Cannon Street as well as the Beach Street. The beautiful Khoo Kongsi was constructed on a lovely and inviting courtyard.

What is the meaning of The Khoo Kongsi Leong San Tong? It means ‘Dragon Mountain Hall.’ It reflects as a perfect symbol of values, culture, and tradition.

Back in 1901, the Leong San Tong was faced with tragedy as it was almost burnt down on the eve of The Chinese New Year. Fast forward to 5 years later, a new Indo-Malay bungalow was built along with a Fujian temple and a prayer pavilion. It is beckoning the reborn of one of the most regal clan houses in the South East Asia region.

With elaborate murals and unique carvings in the clan house, the architecture tells a superbly rich history. There are Gold plaques hanging on the walls to honour those who have brought pride to the clan.

The Khoo Clan was founded by Hokkien immigrant workers. They came to Penang in virtue of changing their luck to a better one. The clan house itself was constructed to promote the clan’s solidarity. It also fosters the core values of Confucian such as respect for the elders and filial piety.

Over the years, the prominent Khoo Clan has contributed significantly to Penang’s growth. Many members of the clan have become influential community leaders and patrons for Penang.

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Image by Elviz Low.

Visiting Hours

Monday – Sunday: 9 am – 5 pm.


RM10 per entry.


18 Cannon Square,
10450 Georgetown,

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Hear From Others

Khoo Kongsi is the grandest clan temple in the country.

Jordan Lye
Jordan Lye Photography

It is in my opinion, undeniably the most architectually stunning of all postage stamp sized Chinese temples and clan houses I’d visited.

Darren Ng
Explore Life Lah

The Khoo Kongsi has to be one of the finest examples of Chinese architecture in Malaysia.

David de la Harpe
Diving, Trekking ,wildlife , Nature and Culture holidays in Sabah – Malaysia.

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