Streets of Georgetown

Georgetown is a town which is rich in history. Most of the street names in the city has a story of its own. They were constructed and named during the British era, which explain the historic English names of most streets.

Since independence, some of the streets’ official names were changed. However, most of the street names in Georgetown have kept it’s colonial names. Some of the famous streets in Georgetown are the Beach Street (Lebuh Pantai), Armenian Street (Lebuh Armenian), Ah Quee Street, Cannon Street and Pitt Street.

Wander around these streets and admire the rich architecture influences of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European cultures.

Image by xiquinhosilva.

Opening Hours

The streets are always open.

The opening hours of the individual shops and restaurants varies.




Around Georgetown, Penang.

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George Town is one of those rare frozen-in-time cities which mingles with today’s modern lifestyle lusts.

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Georgetown is full of character and charm, which is probably why it’s a protected UNESCO site and worth a visit!

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Its street food scene is legendary and the capital George Town, one of the hottest destinations in Asia.

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Fort Cornwallis

Nestled close to the Esplanade and right next to the Victoria Memorial Clock, a visit in Georgetown would be incomplete without checking out Fort Cornwallis.