Georgetown Street Art

When in Georgetown, aside from being immersed in the rich culture, varieties of cuisine, and history, one shall not forget to unveil the rich street art this town has to offer. The street art in Georgetown is definitely one of the many reasons it is called as a modern heritage town.

In 2009, the Penang State Government started a campaign called the “Marking Georgetown Campaign“. This campaign is to decorate Georgetown with informative street art. Artists were given the chance to forward their ideas that convey the stories of the locals and reminisce about the history of the town. The winning idea was a series of steel-rod-caricatures created under the creative supervision of local artist, Tang Mun Kian. His theme was the “Voice of the People”. The project started in 2010.

Two years later in 2012, Ernest Zacharevic was invited by the Penang Municipal Council to create another street art project named “Mirrors of George Town“. The town was painted in his series of beautiful graffiti.

The street art in Georgetown are spread out beautifully around the city. Finding them is a bit of a treasure hunt. It is not as easy as you think because of how well they blend in with the buildings and surroundings.

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Hear From Others

There has been quite a boom of street art in Penang since 2012.

Jaclynn Seah
The Occasional Traveller

Walking around trying to find the street art in Georgetown is an amazing free activity that showed us a very different kind of street art and also made us discover so much more of the city.

Franca Calabretta
Angloitalian Follow Us

Be prepared to be blown away by these whimsical art pieces as they bring about a local twist to the Penang street art scene.

Pei Xuan
The Travel Intern

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